March 15, 2004

Winter has returned. Serious snowfall this morning. Min got called by Keshequa this morning so she got up early and headed down to sub. I stayed in bed to keep Dexter relaxed. He gets very nervous when Min leaves. So I slept in a bit which was nice for a change. I have been getting very behind on my sleep. The snow was falling hard early this morning so Danielle and I decided not to do any sales today.

I worked in the bedroom all day with the little puppy sleeping at my feet. He would get anxious any time that I got up so I was pretty much stuck right there. But he was so cute just sitting at my feet. My Dexter loves me.

The snow fell hard all day. It took Min an hour to drive home from Nunda. The roads were awful. Her car isn’t so good in the snow, it doesn’t have snow tires. She got home and made some Soy Chicken Korma for dinner. Then we headed over to Highland Park to go to the depot to vote. It is the village elections today. Turn out was pretty good considering the horrible weather. I was number 375 from the first and second wards. Not bad for a small town small time election.

After going out to vote, we came home and watched movies. Min baked some cookies for us. Dexter cuddles on the couch with us. He is such a cutie.

We are really knocking off the movies now. Only 24 left unwatched and most of those are on laserdisc so we can’t watch them right now. I got quite a few CDs transferred today too. I hope to have that done soon so I can pack up the discs and get the house cleaned up. There are CDs everywhere.

I am heading out early in the morning tomorrow. I have a breakfast meeting in Canandaigua at 8:30 and then I have an orientation up at Empire State all afternoon. So I won’t be home until normally working hours. Min is working at the hotel tonight. Her week got shifted but she has Friday night off so she will be joining the game. Eric can’t make the game. So we are still a little bit short if anyone is interested in jumping in. I think we only have five or six so far.

I moved February out to the Archives and I updated all of the Archive pages to ASP.NET. That is one more section down. I also filled in a little late February info that was missing.

Well, I was almost done working on the site this evening, in fact I already posted, when Min tried to go off to work at the hotel and got stuck at the end of our driveway. Our homeowners association was supposed to plow the driveway, that is why we pay them, but they didn’t bother on one of the heaviest snowfall days of the year (and not to mention a voting day). The snow was so high in the driveway that Min could barely open her car doors. The car was really burried in deep. To make matters worse, the village hasn’t been out plowing either. You can’t even tell where our unplowed driveway ends and the street begins. It is just a sea of snow out there. That was at 10:45 pm that she got stuck. I went out and tried to push her but the car didn’t budge in the least. We tried putting some stuff under the tires to get some traction but it didn’t help any. The real problem is that the snow is so high that the underbelly of the car is riding on the snow. So there is just no way to get traction whatsoever. Her passenger side front wheel had so little traction that it was spinning at idle.

So for the next hour and a half we poured hot water down the driveway in strategic locations (that is a funny use of the term strategic since it is actually tactical) and eventually started getting the car able to move (we don’t own a shovel you see.) It took forever but I managed to slowly work the car up the driveway. Around 12:30 in the morning I finally had the car up to the garage door again where it had originally come from. So all that work and we were just back to where we had started sans one shift’s pay. So Min missed work tonight and can’t sub tomorrow because she would have to leave before they would possibly consider plowing the driveway. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper this evening. I have no idea how I am going to get to my morning meeting because I will have no idea if anyone is plowing far enough in front of me to get anywhere. My car does go through snow a million times better than Min’s does now with the new tires but it still rides really low to the ground and that is the real issue. Also, I would be afraid to take it down the driveway in case I slipped a little and slid into Min’s car. That would really suck. So it looks like I am cancelling that meeting (which sucks because it was looking to be a really good meeting) and I might not even have a way to get to my orientation at college which is a really big deal.

So since I am back on the computer, I am doing a little work that needed done. Dad ordered himself a projector just like ours today. He used ours a few weeks ago at church and really liked it so he decided to get one for himself. If anyone is interested, we are an InFocus dealer so just ask. The model that Min and I have and that dad has on order is 800×600 with a built in scaler so it acts as an HDTV with a maximum viewing size of 239″ (no really!) Unlike most business projectors, it does not have a 400:1 contrast ratio but rather a 2000:1! Boy does that make a difference. You can get projectors with higher output resolutions but DVD’s only output something like 720×480 so even this unit is overkill. And it had a mode for legacy 4:3 ratio television and 16:9 widescreen high definition. It is a rockin’ projector. We sell them, with the adapter to hook to your Progressive Scan DVD player (trust me, you NEED the progressive scan, it doubles the image quality) for just $1050 plus tax. Aren’t I the salesmen?

We are expecting to be doing business with a new warehouse soon that will allow us to sell video games and video game consoles. Isn’t that cool. It almost fits into our business plan but anything that lets us do more business is good. I don’t know what all we will be able to get but I will try to keep you all posted.

No sooner did I mention the projector than I noticed an email saying that dad’s projector just shipped out of Pennsylvania a few hours ago. He should have it on Thursday most likely. I am sure that he will be excited.

Okay, time to get some shut eye. I am pretty tired and I have to be up early in the morning to deal with cancelling meetings and stuff. What a day it is going to be. I have a lot of driving to do too! Okay, good night everyone.

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