March 25, 2004

Today is my one day off this week. I don’t even get a weekend. Yesterday in Ithaca, tomorrow in Ithaca, and Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Binghamton.

Andy is flying out this afternoon. We drove up to the airport at noon. We stopped by Tom Wahl’s in Avon. I haven’t gotten to eat there in a while.

I recently discovered that Min really likes playing JRPGs so we are trying out some new ones on the GBA. I won Golden Sun on eBay the other day and it arrived today. It is still over at dad’s but I will probably get it tomorrow. I have been hunting for good GB, GBC and GBA games used for a few days now. There are some classics for the original GameBoy that I really want. Back when I had my first GameBoy, my favorite game was a little known adventure title called Sword of Hope and I have been looking to replace that one for a very long time. There are a decent number of games that look pretty good on the different portable platforms. Right now, the GBA is still pretty light on the stuff that we really like, the adventure games and the JRPGs. We have almost everything that looks interesting already. I won a couple more games tonight. I got Sword of Hope and Sword of Mana which are not related. I have been wanting to get Mana for a while because I used to really like Secret of Mana on the SNES.

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