March 4, 2004

Min and I drove to Rochester and did some shopping at Target. They have a rack of $6 movies now to compete with Walmart’s $5.50 selection. Target has fewer of them but has much better movies and they put them on a rack instead of just throwing everything into a bin that everyone has to dig through. I think that that really helps them move a lot more movies. We found a lot of good stuff. We picked up Steve Martin’s All of Me, Jackie Chan’s City Hunter, Heart of Dragon and My Lucky Stars and Sammo Hung in Eastern Condors. The really nice thing about these martial arts films is that Twentieth Century Fox has redone them in Dolby Digital and DTS with Anamorphic Widescreen which is pretty rare on this older films. So I was really happy about that. That brings the entire collection up to 788 movies. We are very close to the 800 mark.

We got home and watched All of Me. I haven’t seen that movie in years and I forgot the plot but it is a really funny movie.

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