March 5, 2004

I talked to Phil late last night and he and Chris are planning on joining the game tonight so it looks like the game is back on. It has been two weeks so and I haven’t played a single game since then so I am looking forward to it.

Before everyone arrived I did some cleaning around the house. There are CDs everywhere. I have been going through them trying to determine which ones are missing. I am pretty sure that there is an entire box of CD’s missing somewhere. I have identified quite a number of CD’s that are definitely missing. I think that one of the boxes of discs that I packed didn’t make it to the house. I looked all through the basement and garage but haven’t been able to find anyplace for the discs to be hiding. I am hoping that a box of CDs is hiding either at Nate’s or dad’s houses. Now I just need to determine exactly what is missing. If I had a solid number then I would know better what it is that I am looking for.

Most everyone arrived right around 9:00 and we got the game started around 10:30. Tonight is Chris’ first time playing in a multiplayer game so it will be a bit of a shock for him. We ended up playing five games of 2-on-3 and didn’t end up wrapping up until 8:20 am! That made for a long night with a lot of Mt. Dew and tea. Everyone was pretty exhausted by the time we were done. We all packed into the car and drove over to Lakeville to have breakfast at Leisures with Dominica. I figured that she wouldn’t be as upset that we played all night if we got breakfast with her.

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