March 6, 2004

If you read yesterday’s update, then you know that there was no sleep period between yesterday’s update and today. Phil, Chris and Josh hung out until 1:00 or so. Everyone was pretty delirious from lack of sleep. We all sat around in the living room being completely deranged.

Min took off right about the same time as everyone else. She had to get over to Perry for Tammy Englert’s bridal shower at Brick Presbyterian. Nate arrived just after Min left and we went down to Main Street and got some lunch from Aunt Cookies. We got some subs – Nate is always dying for Aunt Cookies’ subs. Then we headed off to the shower for the last half or so. Susan and Emily were both there so Min and I had some people to hang out with while Nate and Tammy were busy with shower stuff.

After the shower, Min and I went over to dad’s to hang out. We were so tired that we both ended up taking naps when we first got there. I slept for about an hour and Min slept for about two. Then we went down to Pavilion and got a pizza from Davis’ Farm Market and we watched the PBS fund raising drive. Phillip Bretherton and Moira Brooker were both in Rochester at the WXXI studios to help with the fund raising. Min wanted to drive to the airport and wait for them to get on a plane so that she could see them (they are lead characters from our favorite television show.) By 9:30 we were exhausted and headed home to get some sleep. We were in bed by 11:00 and boy did we need to get to sleep.

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