April 19, 2004

Min is back to work at Keshequa today. She has been off for two weeks because of Spring Break. So it is good that she is back to work again. And it is nice that they called her the very first day too.

I spent the morning working here in the office. We are doing our first warranty claim directly with HP today so I wanted to get the training done on the hardware before calling it in. That wasn’t too big of a deal but there was so much stuff going on today that I barely got a chance to get anything done.

Eric came over for a late lunch and we went over to the Omega Grill. I think that I eat there often enough that they would worry if I missed a day.

Our new Netgear VPN unit arrived today. So I got to play with that a little bit. I need to figure out how to integrate it into our network – we are going to be using it to extend our network. We are going to be doing lots of cool new stuff with this new equipment. And even more cool new stuff later this week when we get our new Proliant 3000 server. I am very excited about getting our new server. Phil is driving me down in his truck to pick it up. Phil is getting a new HP desktop and monitor.

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