April 20, 2004

Sorry about the long delay in posting, it has been a really busy week and I switched my main computer over which meant that I had a few days with no access to my files. It has made for a busy week.

Dominica worked this morning at Keshequa and I got up with her to go to a Microsoft show in Rochester. I got up there early in the morning just to discover that I am a total idiot and the show was actually in NYC – not Rochester. So that was a total waste of time. So I headed on over to the hospital for a little while and then Eric and I went out and got some breakfast at Mel’s Diner.

I had to run down to Dansville to do some work this afternoon. I ended up working all afternoon down there.

Min made dinner for me when I got home. We watched some movies and I worked on our new Netgear VPN accellerator that we have now. I need to get it set up tonight because I am going to be out all day tomorrow. Phil and I are driving down to Binghamton first thing in the morning. We are picking up some equipment down there, so that will take most of the day. Phil and Min are both working overnights tonight so they will both be really tired tomorrow.

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