May 17, 2004

Its a warm one again today. I had to pull my lazy butt out of bed early this morning and head up to RIT to meet with someone to talk about me entering the grad program there in March. The program is looking good. All is moving forward smoothly at the moment.

When I got back from the city, Min, Andy and I went out to Denny’s for some lunch. I have hardly been eating anything the last couple of days because the medication that I am on is lowering my stomach acid levels and making me digest food much more slowly than I normally do. At least it is a handy weight loss plan.

Andy’s new copy of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 arrived today so we drove over to dad’s to pick it up. I had a load of stuff waiting over there for me so it was good to get it all. I am planning on leaving town on Wednesday so I have been trying to get everything possible into place before then.

Min tried playing Empires today. We have had the game for a while but have hardly played it at all. Min didn’t like it very much. I think she has reinforced the decision that it is okay but just not going to cut it as a game that we will all want to play. Empire Earth 2 has been announced and we are hoping that maybe there is some chance of that being a good game.

Min and I watched Star Trek VIII: First Contact tonight. It is the last of the Star Trek films for Min to see.

Dad is already addicted to having wireless Internet access at home. The wireless is a bit faster than his best dialup connections. And it is always on which is pretty awesome.

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