May 18, 2004

Very little going on today. I am just getting everything ready so that I can leave in the morning. I was planning on leaving today but things just weren’t going to work out that way.

Dan Mayne came over this evening with Dad to look at the basement. Dan is going to be starting work on the basement this coming Monday. He is going to be adding a wall to the server alcove so that the noise is contained and that the area can be locked. I really want to have electronic locks that read your fingerprints for the doors but those will probably prove to be cost prohibative. There is going to be a 6’x3′ glass window looking into the alcove so that we will be able to check up on things without having to open to door and going inside where the noise is terrible. Dan is also going to be building the theatre room in the basement. He is not going to be completely finishing it but he is going to be getting to a state where we can move all of the stereo and projector equipment down into the basement and really start watching movies down there. So we are pretty excited about that.

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