May 19, 2004

Busy day today. I got up this morning and packed the car. Min got home an hour before I left so she made me breakfast while I was getting ready. Then I headed out.

My first stop was a quick one in Dansville to see a client and then on to Ithaca.

I got to Lifestyle Properties around 3:00 and worked for almost an hour. I had to drop off a new multifunction laserjet – HP has a new line that really rocks. Everyone has been starting to use the deskjet multifunctions recently but they are pieces of crap because they have a really cheap black and white inkjet printer inside of them that prints like crap and costs a fortune to operate.

I called Nate to see what was going on this afternoon but both he and Bob were busy so I just drove down to the commons and got some pizza from Sammy’s all by myself. Man their pizza is good.

Then it was south to Bowie. It has been a while since I made the drive from Ithaca. It was nostalgic. I have been making that same drive down the US81 corridor since four years ago! Man it has been a long time.

I didn’t arrive until late. I listend to “The Cat Who Talked Turkey” in the car on the way down. I just love murder mysteries on CD. It is one of my favorite things in the world.

I got to the hotel and checked in. The place is nice. Eric and I have stayed at this hotel before but it is almost always full so we almost never manage to stay here. We prefer it because it is easy to get to, it is half the distance from DC as the Bay Dale hotel that we normally use and there is all kinds of great stuff right next door. Having shopping right next to a hotel is a really big deal for business travellers. You never know when you are going to need something and if you are any place for an extended period of time it gets to be critical. I have a Wendys, Ruby Tuesdays and a few other things in walking distance, a gas station which is really important, a Walmart, Target and Borders. Only the Walmart requires driving and only because there is no sidewalk out there. So everything I need for survival is right at hand. And there are lots of other stores nearby but none of them are so useful for a traveller. Nothing that I need to pick up at Pier One, for example. Another good thing here is that there is a restaurant in the hotel so drinks and food are really easy to get to AND there is room service. Plus, the hotel offers free wireless Internet access AND Verizon wireless has this in their test zone and you can get amazing service from them. So this is THE spot to stay out here on the east side of DC.

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