May 22, 2004

I got up and got out the door pretty quick today. I grabbed lunch and headed over to John’s house in Arnold. We have a meeting early this afternoon and we wanted to get together ahead of time. We are meeting with all of the new DC managers this afternoon to get ready for our big initiatives starting up this week in DC. It is going to be a crazy couple of months down here!

Dominica started working at Lifestyle Properties today. Nolan is out sick, very sick, for some time and Min is filling in as best as she can.

The meeting went well. It lasted all evening. We had a cookout and hung out for six hours or so. We got a lot of good work done. I think that it went really well. I have a good feeling about how this will go.

After the meeting, I hung out at John’s for a while. Tommy and Cookie stopped by and we stayed up drinking until 4:00am! I haven’t seen them for a year so it was nice to catch up.

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