May 23, 2004

I slept in very late today. The medicine I am on is really making me tired. John called early this afternoon but I didn’t even hear the phone. I am pretty much dead to the world. I didn’t get up until like 1:30. I got ready to leave and ran out to get some lunch and to pick up a few things over at Borders next door. I got a great haul today. Two new books on CD (Janet Evanovich murder mysteries) and a bunch of bargain books.

After shopping I headed over to John and Michelle’s on Deep Creek. We hung out for the afternoon. We were all very tired. It is so hot out today that no one can really stand to be outside. I sure can’t.

I got to go out on the boat (Das Boot) a little bit today. It is my first time being out on the boat now that it is in the water.

Before going to bed, John and I watched the incredible movie Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. You haven’t seen a good movie until you have seen this.

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