May 26, 2004

Dan worked on the basement the last three days and today the basement is done, basically. The theatre is done but without the doors. The doors should arrive in a week or so. We ordered acoustic doors to help keep the noise down in the house. So I am sure that we will be happy even with the wait. It is really neat having the theatre there. Now we can finally see what the room is going to be like and start really thinking about what we need to do with it. The ceiling isn’t touched – we can’t really start work on that until we know exactly how everything in the room is going to be. Which is too bad because that will really help to seal that room from the rest of the house. The server alcove is done as well. It turned out really neat. It looks like a real server room with a 6′ x 3′ window looking in on it and everything. The insulated wall is really helping to cut down on the noise levels in the house. It had been getting SO bad. Now we can tell that it is going to be nice in the basement once all the servers are moved into there and the door is put in place.

Min slept this morning because she worked last night. When she got up, we watched some of the new DVDs that we got… As Time Goes By Season Six and Monarch of the Glen Season Two.

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