May 25, 2004

Boy is it nice to be home. Now that I own a house, it is that much nicer being home than on the road. I didn’t get to sleep in in the least today, though, because Dan was working in the basement by 7:30 and there is no sleeping through that. I had plenty of work to get started on today anyway, I shouldn’t be sleeping all day.

I went to breakfast with dad this morning. He needed to do some banking for me today and I needed breakfast so it worked out. When we got back it was just time for me to get in the car and drive to Batavia to see the doctor about my foot.

The appointment went well and the doctor thinks that my foot is actually improving, if slowly. So we are keeping on the path that we have been on and hoping that things will continue to improve.

My books for class were in at Borders and Andy had some stuff that he had to do in the city so we drove up to Rochester to run some errands. It has taken six weeks to get this textbook and I am very realived to finally have it. Now I can really get down to wrapping up everything for Empire. Now I just have to motivate myself to do it. I have gotten lazy since I have been waiting for all of the books that I need. But this next trip to DC, I will only take my Empire books and leave myself with nothing else to do but study. Hopefully that will really motivate me.

Dominica decided to come home early and surprise me but, of course, I was in the city and had emailed her at work to tell her so not knowing that she had left already. So she was pretty pissed at me when I got home. Andy and I had a late lunch while we were in the city too. Oops. Well, at least Min is planning on having her cell phone turned back on any day now.

Min didn’t get a lot of time at home tonight, though, because she is working at the hotel. So we hung out for a little while and off to work she went. I ended up staying up really late getting work done on one of the servers and trying to make it so that I will want to sleep in late in the morning because Min will be tired when she gets home.

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