May 29, 2004

Today is another driving day. I left town around 7:00 this morning and headed south. I don’t mind these long drive days. The thing that gets me is the packing. I hate preparing for long trips. There is just so much to forget.

I arrived perfectly on time. I left Geneseo needing to be in Annapolis at 3:00 and I pulled in right at 2:57. Not bad timing for a whole day of driving. The rest of the guys were late to the meeting but we got things rolling around 3:45.

We did the manager’s meeting out in John’s boat. He got it last year and only yesterday did he finally manage to get it out of Deep Creek. So he has really been itching to take it out. We went way out into the Chesapeake Bay and had the meeting about a mile or two out from the Bay Bridge. The water was nice and calm. It was a perfect day to be out in the boat. We had a really good time. Had lunch out there and did some fishing. No one caught anything. I didn’t fish but everyone else did. I was too afraid that I might actually catch something and then have to do something with the fish.

After the meeting we went down with those of us with free schedules and we had dinner at Deep Creek. I had the Mahi Mahi with chipotle sauce. It was the best fish that I have had in years.

After dinner, Omar and I had to go into the hospital to get some work done. We ended up working there until about 3:00am. We got some good work done, though. I think that things are going well.

Once work was done, I drove back to Annapolis to crash at John’s house. They don’t have the girls this weekend and the hotel in Bowie is full. So I slept in John’s office. There wasn’t room to pull out the futon so I slept on the floor. I didn’t even notice so it was probably less hassle in the long run anyway.

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