May 30, 2004

Sunday, the day to relax. I slept in late since I had worked late last night. I didn’t get up until 11:00. John had to get up around 5:00 and head out to northern Delaware to pick up a truck that Dave was dropping off. So he had a really busy day and didn’t get back to the house until afternoon. Michelle and I just hung out for a while until John got there and then I headed over to the hotel in Bowie to get checked in and to get everything settled there. I needed to get a little bit of work done and needed the hotel’s network to do it. I got to the hotel at 4:00. I have a king room this time instead of the two double beds which is so much nicer. I have a much better desk and chair arrangement here which makes working from the hotel a million times better. In the last room that I had, the desk was so high and the chair sank so low that it was really uncomfortable. And with only one bed, this room has a lot more open space in it. Plus it has a coffee table and a couch. Of course, they didn’t make them face the television which is weird, but I haven’t even turned the television on in so many trips here that I think that it is unlikely that I will be starting now. If the televisions had DVD players built in, I might take advantage of them. Or even if I could just plug a DVD player into the television. But since you never can, I never even think about them.

John and Michelle ordered some pizza and had me run out to Walmart to find something random to watch. So I went shopping and found the original movie Battlestar Galactica which was one of my favorite television shows when I was very young. I hope to get the original series on DVD as well. There is also a mini-series that came out recently and talk of a regular television show. Cross your fingers.

I got home late and pretty much went to bed. I was pretty tired.

Min decided to head out to Frankfort because her sister and the girls are coming early and she is able to schedule a couple of days out there. So she won’t be back to Geneseo until Tuesday night, I believe.

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