May 6, 2004

Ok, ok, it has been forever since I updated the site. This past month has been really hectic. I even did a few updates previously and didn’t even manage to get them posted. How terrible is that. I had a number of things happen last month that really slowed down my posting… new main desktop, my laptop got reinstalled, etc., etc. I have been doing a ton or classwork for college too. I have been in full swing at Empire State now for two full weeks and that is a lot of added work. I am doing a full sixteen credit course load this summer and it keeps me pretty busy. I am still on target to graduate before the end of the year. So that is making me really tired. But things are going well so that is good.

I had a lunch meeting today with the yellow pages for Rochester. We are putting a bigger ad in next year so look for us!

Josh and I managed to get together and play some golf this afternoon. This was my first game in two years and Josh’s first since last season. We sucked. Holy cow are we bad. But that is okay. The weather was amazing for the first seven holes up at Genesee in Brighton. But we got called in because a thunderstorm hit so we didn’t manage to finish. That is just as well, we were already over par (for all nine holes that is.) After the rain hit, we headed up to Tahou’s for some garbage plates. They were really good. I haven’t had a plate in a really long time because everytime that we go there they end up not having eggs that night. It was yummy.

I got home two hours before Min had to go to work. We watched a little projector and then she headed off to work. The thunderstorm was causing the power to go in and out so I had to make sure that all of the computers were turned off. So I went to bed early to take advantage of not being allowed to do any work.

I will do my best to keep the updates rolling in, I know it has been a dry spell.

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