June 12, 2004

It is a lonely Saturday in the hotel. John and Michelle had wanted me to get up early this morning and go out to the Eastern Shore with them but I had to work late and didn’t want to get up early this morning and then not get my work done either. I am swamped with work so I appreciate the time to myself in the hotel more than usual. There is always work for me to do but there is a bit more than usual these days. Between keeping everything running smoothly for Waste Watcher, getting documentation and procedures written down, printing out manuals, downloading SuSE 9.1, dealing with budgets and schedules and going to college, I am BUSY. And there is a wedding in less than a week too!

Min is at Lifestyles today and can talk to me from the laptop so I chat with her periodically throughout the day.

I grabbed my usual McDonalds lunch in the middle of the afternoon. If I manage to go in between normal meal times, the lines aren’t so horrible. Although all of Maryland is busy on a beautiful Saturday like today. The whole state is packed full of people passing through to get over to the coast and the bay. It is that perfect early summer weather today. Warm but with a light breeze. Just cool enough to be comfortable. I am glad that I am close enough to be able to walk to food. It is really nice to get a little walk in everyday.

I managed to not leave the hotel all day except to get lunch. That sounds kind of pathetic but I really appreciate the chance to get a day “off” now and then. I got tons of work done today. I finished watching Who’s the Boss Season I and then watched The Cowboy Way and Stealing Harvard. The only thing that I hadn’t seen before was Stealing Harvard but it had Tom Green in it so how good could it be. He is one of the worst actors that there has ever been. Not as bad as Hallie Joel Osment, but still, really, really bad. I don’t know why I thought that Jason Lee could manage to pull a Tom Green movie out of the trash. Lee is one of the greatest actors ever, IMHO, but no one can recover from playing opposite Green – not even the great Jason Lee. Oh well. It was from the Walmart bargain bin anyway. It is watchable, nothing special. But if you are in the mood for Lee and Dennis Farina, definitely head on over to Big Trouble which is a million times better.

I did a lot of homework and ordered out pizza from a local place for dinner. I figured out that I could position the pizza between the office chair and the air conditioner to get sort of a refridgerator effect going on. Hopefully it will manage to keep it cold. If I die from something weird, check the pizza on the chair by the window!!

SuSE Linux has been downloading all day. It is a huge download, the biggest product that I am aware of that is available for download. Actually, I think that it might be the largest single product that I am aware of whether for download or whatever. I am using this great open source FTP client called Filezilla to do the downloading. I have been looking for something that would make it easy for me to do big FTP downloads on Windows. On Linux, everything supports robust FTP but on Windows you really have to hunt to find something decent. This is a nice program that really seems to make a difference. It has worked great for me. I have found a number of competing products but they were all commercial and it doesn’t seem like the type of product that you should be paying for but getting something like SuSE without having something like Filezilla would be next to impossible (okay, I could run FTP from the command line but what an incredible pain in my keister!)

In case anyone is trying to read the site today, I have still not been able to upload the pages because of the SuSE download that is still in progress. I will get the dailies up as soon as possible. Not that anyone cares because they will have been posted by the time anyone reads this.

Just a reminder because it has been a so long since I last mentioned it… AGD Interactive has amazing, modern, Windows ports / recreations of King’s Quest I and King’s Quest II and soon Quest for Glory II. These were amazing games in their heyday and the AGD versions totally blow the originals away. So anyone who is interested in a good adventure game and even better yet, a free one, should head on over there and download one today.

Well, I stayed up pretty late working on my Java homework. It is off to bed now for me. Have a goodnight, everyone.

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