June 11, 2004

I spent the entire morning working in the hotel today. It is cold and raining outside. And not a drizzle either but a rather full blown rain. Not a downpour, but heavy enough. It has been raining since I got up and it hasn’t stopped at all. It has been raining on and off since yesterday evening so everything is good and soaked. I didn’t leave the hotel until I went out to McDonald’s to get some lunch in the early afternoon. I was raining light enough for long enough that I still walked over there. I am avoiding going into the city today because it is President Reagen’s funeral today over in Georgetown and the city is completely mobbed.

I was busy enough all day that I didn’t really manage to do much of anything other than just sit at my computer plugging away at one task or another. Nothing exciting today, just mostly financial stuff and some basic training at the hospital (we do all of our work remotely to make life a bit easier for us.)

John and I had to get together to discuss some things this evening so I headed on over to Annapolis. John, Frankie and I went over to Deep Creek to talk over there. They had Rock Fish on special tonight and I have never had that so I gave it a try. That was really good. Deep Creek is a pretty amazing place for fish in general. I found that Rock Fish was rather similar to chicken instead of fish. Very meaty and heavy. And it was served with mashed potatoes which is unusual for fish. It took forever to get our food, though, it is Friday night and the Creek is always packed on Friday nights. We hung out there until around 8:00 or so. I have to work at the hospital this evening so I don’t get to relax all night like some people.

I went back to the hotel and worked from here for a little while before going in to the office. I wanted to get some downloads started on the laptop before I was out for a while. SuSE Linux 9.1 has been out for five days now and the mirror sites are slowing down enough to start downloading it. They are always so busy for the first few days after a release that you just can’t do anything with them. I am very excited that it is out because we are going to be updating the office here in DC and I plan on trying on the AMD64 version on my workstation at home. I am very excited to try the 64bit version because it will be the first time that we will really get to see what my computer can do. Micrsoft only has a beta of their 64-bit Windows XP released and there are so few drivers available for it that it is totally useless at this point. But Linux is like fully there and available. So, I might start using that a whole lot more now. Especially now that I have a Windows XP laptop that is a bit more powerful that I can do almost everything that I need on. It might make better sense to have my main office desktop be on Linux almost all of the time.

Eric’s old broken down laptop arrived FedEx today at the hotel so that I could take a look at it. It is dead. Not worth spending time to try to fix. I can’t get it to turn on and it isn’t worth any money so it isn’t worth putting time into attempting to repair. So, we are trying to figure out what to do about Min not having anything at all. She really needs something for while she is out of town. It is her main form of communication and entertainment. She watches movies and plays games on it at night and she uses it for email and instant messaging during the day while she is in the office in Ithaca. With her and I both being out of town, it is important that she has something.

I went in to the hospital around 10:30. I didn’t have a ton to do but I did need to get together with our night manager tonight and walk him through some things because I haven’t seen this particular manager in weeks and things keep changing so he is a bit out of the loop. So I can’t skip work the next four nights when he is on. I get too few opportunities to see everyone.

I got back to the hotel around 1:00am. I was pretty tired but didn’t want to go to bed so I watched some Who’s the Boss until I fell asleep. I am really amazed by how many of the really classic episodes are from the first season. I haven’t seen the show since it went off the air in 1992. I have seen every episode many times (this was my favorite show during the 1980’s) but I am surprised by how many that I remember so well are from 1984. That was so long ago.

I can’t upload the pages tonight because the SuSE download is running and I can’t cut it off to open the VNP connection. So hopefully I can get them up shortly.

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