June 16, 2004

Today is my last full day in DC for at least a week and a half. John and I have started making the managers call me every twelve hours to check in and so I got my first call this morning at 6:00am. Maybe I should start going to bed earlier and getting up with these convenient wake up calls. I went back to sleep today and slept until Eric needed me to get up because we were having problems with the server in Geneseo again. So I had to try to fix that, which I wasn’t able to do from here, so I had to call Min and get her out of bed to fix it. She wasn’t very happy.

I was expecting to be spending the day in DC today but ended up being in the hotel all day. Luckily, I can do almost anything that I need to do from the hotel. As long as I have a decent computer and a decent Internet connection, it is like I am in the office. Which is good because I can’t be in DC all of the time. And now that Eric doesn’t have a laptop anymore, he is in really rough shape and can’t help me out at all.

Well, today I finally finished the updates to SGL. All of the pages have been updated, for the first time in years, to a consistent look that we have real control over. We can now edit things quickly and have the changes affect every page on the entire site, not just one. With the site having grown to such monsterous proportions, we really need a way to keep it all under control.

The Mozilla Project released the lastest version, 0.7, of the Thunderbird Email Client today. It has been a really busy week over there for them. I am already using it and havent’ noticed anything different from 0.6. It is probably mostly a bug fix release.

I was supposed to be going out to Annapolis this evening but John had a long day and I still have lots to get down out here so I just stayed in at the hotel. I was feeling lazy tonight and since I needed to get to bed early I decided to just order in room service. Since they add in the tip ahead of time and since it is lower than what I normally tip, it is actually a little bit cheaper to have it delivered (isn’t that ridiculous!) But whatever (or w/e as the kiddie bloggers say,) it works for me. I ordered the grilled tuna, the same that I had last night, with the chili tartar sauce but I got a salad instead of french fries. I haven’t had much desire for fries lately. Strange. I used to be able to eat them forever. It is nice to have to option of room service. Min and I were talking earlier about it. Sometimes the convenience is just nice to have. Lots of places will deliver but most places don’t have healthy food and small quantities like room service. Actually, room service is a bit cheaper than ordering a pizza. True, the pizza will feed me tomorrow too, but I am traveling so that doesn’t have the benefits that one would think that it would.

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