June 17, 2004

I left DC this morning and hit the road for NY. I have been away for a while and it will be nice to see my house again. But boy is there a lot to do this weekend.

I got into town and stopped by the house to drop off some stuff and to pick up some checks to take to the bank. I drove up to Henrietta and went to Tuxedo Junction to pick up my tux for the wedding. I managed to meet Bob up there which works out well since he is crashing at my place this weekend. Andy road along up to the city and we all went out to Red Lobster for some dinner.

After dinner, we hit Target to do some quick shopping and ended up running into Dana and Brandon. How funny is that. I haven’t seen Dana in months, six at very least. And then to run into them two nights before their wedding is pretty weird. For those who don’t know, Nate and Tammy and Dana and Brandon and getting married at almost exactly the same time on Saturday which means that Andy, Miranda, Eric and Amanda won’t be at Nate’s wedding.

Bob, Andy and I played some Call of Duty tonight. We have never managed to play with three players before and it was pretty cool. We had to get to bed early, though, because the weekend is going to be so busy. It was a lot of fun and we expect that that will be one of the big “Friday Night Game” games.

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