June 2, 2004

I am working in DC today but heading home this evening. I haven’t seen Dominica all week and I will barely see her tonight if I am even lucky enough to see her at all. I am going to try to spend as little time in DC as possible because the air conditioning is broken and it is unbearably hot in the office. With the autoclaves next door and the steam plant underneath us the room just heats right up in no time flat.

I moved the first quarter out to the archives yesterday and noticed that we managed to have the largest quarter of updates yet, even with me missing so many days. Of course, April was the really bad month and that is in this quarter so we will be lucky to be anywhere near last quarter at the end of June but anyway, here is hoping. Of course, with me being out of town this month, I am getting a lot of writing done. I have also begun to go back and to make an archive page that tells the history of the Llamas in 2000. 2000 was such a crazy year for the llamas and to not have any records of that years seems a shame. The site had been up at the end of the year but the updates weren’t saved back then. It never occurred to me to keep any kind of record so I was just updating the site and throwing the old stuff out. What a shame. I would have really appreciated having that stuff now. Of course, there wasn’t very much then and almost no one read the site until late 2001 so there isn’t as much lost as one might have imagined.

I managed to make a decently short day of it and hit the road in the late afternoon. Early enough to bypass DC’s rushhour traffic but not Baltimore’s. It was a decent drive home and I spent my time in the car listening to Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five which I have been meaning to read ever since Phil told me about it. It was really good. Very interesting. I learned a lot of history. We don’t realize all of the things that are important for us to know until we have learned about them and think to ourselves, that must be about all I need to know. Then something else shows up.

I arrived home late, around midnight, and went to bed.

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