June 3, 2004: Test Driving the Mazda RX-8

I didn’t manage to post yesterday because I wrote some in the morning and then hit the hay as soon as I arrived home in NY and never got around to posting anything. So, here is everything now.

Busy day today. Josh and I played a golf tournament in Holley today to benefit the Orleans and Genesee County highway departments. We played three man scramble against all teams of four and managed to not quite lose. And we were quite brutally honest with our score as well. We had a good time. We are terribly out of shape but it is good that we are playing today because we are playing again in two days at Nate’s bachelour party.

After golf, I had to run to the DMV to take care of some stuff and then I went home. I finally decided that I have waited long enough to get things done through John Holtz – Min’s car has been waiting forever to get into the shop and hasn’t been drivable since last week. My car has had minor things that need fixed under warranty which wouldn’t be a big deal but I have been waiting for four months on the one thing and they don’t even bother returning my calls. I was so tired of dealing with them that I decided that I was going to look up a dealer in either Buffalo or go to Burdick in Syracuse to get the work done because anything would be better than dealing with Holtz. But then, when I went to the Mazda website, I discovered that there is another Mazda dealer in Rochester! I was very excited. I picked up the phone and called them. They appeared to actually WANT to do business with me. In fact, I don’t think that they even found taking my money to be inconvenient. I am pretty sure that Holtz finds answering the phone to be too much effort. So, Vincent Mazda of East Rochester answered the phone and actually dealt intelligently with me (in addition to having their Mazda staff answer their Mazda number, if you call Holtz Mazda the Audi department answers and acts like you are an idiot for calling the wrong place even though they listed their numbers incorrectly.) So, instead of a two week wait to get in and a month wait for repairs (so it goes), Min and I actually had to hop in the car and run it straight up to the shop. They got it in in under and hour for warranty work! I have had to wait over a week just to get an email returned from Holtz! Not only did Vincent manage to get Min’s Protege 5 in right away but looked at my 6 and got work moving on that as well. Then, they showed us the new models and let Min and I test drive the awesome RX-8!! It is amazing. Dominica really wants one. She had a blast rocketing down US490 in it. It is really comfortable too. The gas mileage isn’t too hot. That would be the biggest issue.

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