June 26, 2004

Well, I had itended to go back to Geneseo yesterday but Min convinced me to stay out another day. So she left this morning to go to Ithaca and I headed back to Geneseo.

This afternoon, we decided that it had been far too long since we had an AoE2 game. You can look it up on here but I bet it has been close to two months. So everyone was itching to play. We managed to get six players, Andy, Tony, Jeremy, Phil, Josh and I together at short notice. Josh played remotely over our VPN connection. That was our first time trying that and once we got it set up it worked beautifully. We are hoping that soon Bob and Min will be able to play from Ithaca that way and Phil should be able to play from the hospital. It would make it so much easier if half of the people didn’t have to be physically sitting in the house. The number of people that get crammed into the house makes it really hard. We ony got two games in but it was really good to get to play again. We also created some new “tounament” rules that make the game a bit more exciting. We have been playing it for so long that we need to add little nuiances to make it more fun.

After playing, Tony and I went out to Denny’s for a late night snack.

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