June 27, 2004

I slept in this morning. It is nice not to have too busy of a day for a change. I had realized yesterday that I had left my medicine in Dominica’s car so today I am driving down to Ithaca to retrieve it. It is a lot of driving just to get some medicine but it gives me a chance to see Min some more and I haven’t even seen her apartment down there yet. So I ended up leaving around 4:00. I had to swing by Leicester and get some stuff from dad on the way. Then it was on the road for me.

Min and I had been hoping to see Around the World in 80 Days but that wasn’t showing any later that 7:05 and I had hit construction on the way to Ithaca so we ended up missing it. So we decided to go to Watkins Glenn and do some shopping. We went to Walmart and got a new clock to hang in the hallway at home. It is a digital clock but decently attractive. It sets the time automatically from the US Atomic Clock out in Colorado. That is nice because, if the power goes out, you always have one clock with the correct time to set to. It also shows the indoor and outdoor temperatures which is really handy.

After shopping, we decided to go out to dinner and found a realy nice place on the waterfront in Watkins Glen, the Seneca Harbor Station. We were really impressed. Both the service and the food was really good. Not the kind of place that you really expect to find in Watkins Glen. But then again, the Finger Lakes are always surprising.

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