June 4, 2004

Happy Birthday Dad! My dad turns 58 today. SuSE 9.1 is also available for download today although I am sure that the servers are quite busy for the next few days.

Today is the only real day that Min and I have together. She has been working the last two nights and I have been busy during the day. This morning Eric and I worked around the house getting policies in place for Waste Watcher in Washington. Min tried to sleep a little but it didn’t work out so well.

This afternoon, Min and I drove up to Henrietta to see Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban which released today. It was really good. We both thought that it was a bit of an improvement over the earlier two movies. Unfortunately, to make it better they also changed some things that made inconsistencies with the ealier movies but nothing unforgivable. I think that they are headed in the right direction but that they are still working too hard to keep the movies way too short. It still seems rushed and you don’t feel like you are in the theatre for long before it is over. A movie should only slightly leave you wanting more but all three make you wish that it was just intermission.

After the movie, we went down to my Aunt Sharon’s house in Leicester for a birthday dinner for dad. We hung out as long as we could but Min is working in Ithaca tomorrow and needs to get to bed.

We did receive the company copies of Symantec’s Client Security 2.0 today which we are very excited about. We have already rolled it out for one of our customers but it is nice to have it for ourselves as well. I didn’t have any time to work with it this weekend, though, so I am planning on working with it when I return in two weeks. I hate having to put things like this off when it would be so much better to just get them done.

We stopped by dad’s house to borrow mom’s car and to pick up stacks of my books because Min needs things to read while she is in Ithaca and when she is working at the hotel. She has read everything around and is getting restless.

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