June 9, 2004: Happy Birthday to Phil and Happy Anniversary to Phil and Kate!

Before going to bed last night, I took the time to get a few more pages updates on the site. I figure that if I keep pace with a few a night that it will only take a few weeks to get the rest of the site up to the same level as this page. It is quite the undertaking but I really want to get it down. The funny and poetry pages are going to be the biggest challenge. They contain the oldest, crustiest code. And let me tell you, some of that stuff is pretty old. It is surprising how much nicer the site looks now than it used to not so long ago. Here is a cool one, do a Google search on “Has Ruined My Christmas” and I think you will be pleasently surprised. Yup, that is Tim Stedman writing for us ranked at #2!! We also appear to be the only website anywhere that is tackling the very serious issue of Fonts and Age Discrimination. It is amazing that other people let these things go. No wonder the world is so out of control.

I spent the afternoon working over at the hospital. We finally have things working on the dock, electrically speaking, and Children’s National is now working again because of it. So I had a bit of training to do with everyone to get everyone onto the same page and doing the same thing. But things are coming together. I put in a long day at the hospital and headed on back to Bowie around 9:00pm.

I went over to Target just before they closed tonight to see what they had on DVD. I was very excited to see that they have Who’s the Boss Season One on DVD and at a good price too. That was my very favorite television show during the 1980’s. I still remember the pilot episode airing in 1984. I was eight years old at the time. I was at that age when most things that came on television after 8:00 weren’t things that I was allowed to watch. But I remember asking my dad if I could watch this show and he let me. I was very excited. Most of the other shows that I really like in the 1980’s, the famous Miller-Boyett shows, would’t start to air unti 1985. Family Ties had been on and Cheers too but I didn’t like either of those shows. Family Ties was okay and I will get it on DVD when it comes out, but it wasn’t anything that I got excited about. The shows that I had really liked before now were Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy mostly – which were all joint spinoffs of each other. There was a lull in good programming in the early 80’s until 1984. After Who’s the Boss, there were tons of good family oriented shows that did really well all throughout the 1980’s. It is really weird to think of them picking Tony Danza to do this show right after Taxi and Cannonball Run II!!

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