June 10, 2004

More work at the hotel this morning. I do actually like working from the hotel most of the time. It is quiet and someone else comes in to clean the place and that makes life easy. I am heading back to Geneseo a week from today. I really miss Min 🙁

Eric called today to say that his old laptop had died. And by old I mean that it is from 1999 or something like that. Very old. It has been passed around from one person to another over the years. I had it in late 2000 for a while. Phil and Karen at NAI both had it at one time or another. I think that it was originally John’s. He had had a really old thing back in 1998 – as in, it was old in 1998. And this is what he replaced it with before getting the little micro thing that he has now in around 2001. So anyway, Eric said that the machine was totally dead and that it wouldn’t even turn on anymore. So that is the end of that. It is too bad. Min had just gotten her laptop earlier this week and was just getting used to it. Now she is losing it again. Eric is going to have to take hers in the morning because he can’t do any work without it. So she is going to be pissed.

I had to run over to Target today to get my acid-reflux medicine refilled. The Target is right behind the hotel so that works out wonderfully. I dropped it off and then I drove out to Annapolis. I haven’t been out there since I got down here earlier this week.

John and I worked a little bit this afternoon but we really couldn’t get anything done because the phone just wouldn’t stop ringing. So we got a little bit done and came up with a task list. But then I had to get back to Bowie to get my prescription and to get some work done. There is just so much work to do, it never ends. I have done nothing down here but work for the last few weeks and it just keeps on piling up. The going to college full time thing really does take a toll. But there is only so much left to go. It will all be over is a year and a half.

I also had to spend a bit of time today dealing with billing and technical issues with Verizon. They have a lot of internal communications probems and have a really hard time getting their billing and technical departments to be on the same page. Everyone is very nice there and they get things fixed but they are even more confused than I am. None of them seem to know what is going on in other departments. I got everything fixed and my wireless Internet access is working well again. But because the hotel’s Internet access is working so well, I am just getting the Verizon card ready to give to dad when I am home in a week so that he can get online and not be tying up his phone line all of the time. It has been so long since I have had dial-up Internet that I forget how much of a pain it can be.

After working for a couple of hours, I headed out to Riva Rd. in Annapolis to meet John, Michelle and Frankie at Outback Steakhouse. I havent’ eaten at an Outback in years so I was looking forward to it. I remember that their fish was really good so I wanted to try it again after all this time. They had the Mahi-Mahi on special which I love so that worked out well. But, it wasn’t very good. It was very tough and over cooked. I wasn’t very impressed. I remember it being much better than that.

I wasn’t able to hang out too late at dinner because I had to get into the hospital to get some work done this evening. I didn’t work too late tonight. I have seen everyone that is there today day after day and they know what they need to be doing pretty well. So I got to knock off early after making the rounds.

I got back to the hotel and watched some Who’s the Boss before going to bed. It is pretty much the only thing that I have with me down here. I have that and two movies that I still have with me from last week’s trip down. But, with Target and Walmart so close, it is easy to go look for bargain stuff although I didn’t see much the last time that I was at either place.

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