August 8, 2004

I slept in nice and late this morning. Finally! I really needed that. I am going to try that full night’s sleep thing out again tonight, I hope.

I had some errands that I wanted to run this morning and I had to get some information together for Dominica because she is doing her first tech work for me tomorrow morning in Varna. So she is a little bit nervous, but everyone has to start off somewhere. I had to run over to Target to get a toothbrush and toothpaste because somehow I left those items somewhere. I am not sure whether they are in Varna or if they are in Geneseo but I am pretty sure that they are in one of the other. And I had to run over to Borders to pick up a Lonely Planet guide (I can’t say where it is for, I am taking Min somewhere as a surprise for her birthday!) Then I ran out and got some lunch. I got the info together for Min and headed out to Annapolis to hang out for the afternoon.

I made it over to Annapolis around 3:30. We hung out for a while. Some friends got stranded out on the island in the bay and we had to run out to tow them back in. I spent a lot of the afternoon pouring over my new Lonely Planet guide (I highly suggest Lonely Planet as a good starting point for all of your travel needs.) We had dinner and I headed back to the hotel in time to get in around 11:15. Looks like I might get some more of that sleep thing tonight!

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