July 1, 2004

Where did the month of June go? That just flew by. I can’t believe that it is already summer. I was up really late last night so I slept in this morning. Min got home from work an wanted to go straight out to Walmart to get supplies to finishing mudding the basement but I just couldn’t handle getting out of bed. So she decided to come home and get some sleep. She didn’t bother sleeping yesterday so she is really tired.

I had a webinar at noon so I took that and worked on getting old dailies posted to SGL. Sorry about the lull. I knew that late June was going to be crazy.

I am scheduled to be in Washington next week. I am travelling down on July 5th (that’s Monday) and I should be returning on Tuesday the 13th. Min and I will be in Ithaca on July 4 and 5. That only leaves me with two more days here in Geneseo. And I feel like I just barely got here.

After Min got up we went to Walmart and did some shopping. We got the spackling, primer and paint that we need to do the theatre in the basement. We have decided for the time being to paint the walls flat black and to paint the screen area high gloss white. It isn’t as good as a screen but in the totally dark room it will be worlds better than anything we have ever done before and it will let us see exactly how we are going to use the theatre before we start spending money on a screen. While we were at Walmart we decided that we needed to get a sno-cone maker. So we got one and tons of flavorings for it. We are very excited about that.

Min and I had dinner with dad over at the Omega Grill this evening. Dad is exhausted, he has been staying with my grandma all week because the rest of my family has been out of town seeing my great uncle Bill out in Ohio. So dad is finally back at home now but he is still really tired.

After dinner, Min and I went over to the Millen’s to visit. This was our first chance to see the baby. Julia Elisabeth Millen. Everyone was doing really well. We didn’t visit for very long, mostly because it was so late by the time we were over there. We left there and Min went straight to work at the hotel. I had to get back home because I have a bit of work that needs to be done tonight because I have to work up in the city tomorrow.

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