July 23, 2004

It is Friday, Min’s only “day” off all week. Normally she keeps herself awake on Fridays but she was so exhausted that she slept most of the morning. When she did get up, we had to run up to the city to run some errands to get things ready so that I could be out of town for a while. Mostly just banking.

This evening, Min and I went over to dad’s for a picnic dinner with my family and the Case’s. We hung out there until about 8:30 or so and then swung by my aunt and uncle’s in Leicester to pick up our small television that was over there so that Min can take it to Ithaca tomorrow. We ended staying for than an hour because my cousin and aunt were over visiting with grandma and Min hadn’t had a chance to see them yet since they had driven up from Ohio.

Min and I ended up staying up awfully late tonight. I didn’t go to bed until after 3:30. She fell asleep before that but just out on the couch in the living room.

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