July 24, 2004

Today is driving day. I got up this morning and got Min packed up so that she could get off to work in Ithaca. She is taking a load of stuff down there to fill out her new apartment. She already bought a little microwave down there but she needs a television and DVD player so that she doesn’t go completely insane. She is also taking down a microwave. But it is for the television, not for the microwave.

I spent the morning packing my own car and doing laundry. I have to get a load of jeans done before I go to DC. It took me until early afternoon and I finally gave up on getting the jeans completely dry and just packed them and took off.

I had a late lunch meeting with Proximal Technologies in Dryden today. It worked out well to meet with them since I was going to be in Ithaca already today. It was a long drive down to Ithaca, lots of really slow people out on the road today. I was really tired driving too. I only got about three hours of sleep last night which might account for it.

I made it out to Dryden pretty close to 3:00 and we had a really late lunch. Our meeting went well, lasted over three hours. And we are planning on getting together again sometime in about two weeks from now.

After my meeting, I drove back to Varna to meet Min. We were planning on going out to see a movie and there isn’t a lot of time left at this point, so we had to get moving. I did take a minute to get the $.50 tour of Min’s new apartment. It is a two bedroom, one bath deal down at 959 Dryden Rd. in Varna. It is pretty nice. It is especially nice that she got an end unit because it has the extra windows and that gets tons more light and more breeze. It is a nice roomy place, gives you that cottage at the beach kind of feel. She has one bedroom completely empty, nothing in it at all. Which would be handy if we could think of anything at all to put in there. As it is, the living room is empty as well. Space is the one thing that Min has in abundance. It is nice because it gives us flexibility there.

We ran up to the mall to see what was playing when. We decided on going to see The Bourne Supremecy because I really like the first one and Min really like Franka Potente (famous for her role in Germany’s most famous film Run, Lola, Run). We had a little bit of time so we ran over to the Dollar Tree and Target to get some needed supplies for the apartment. Like a shower curtain.

I grabbed some pizza on the way back to the theatre. We made it just in time for the previews. The theatre was packed, we could barely find a seat. The movie was really good. I still like the first one better but this one was very good for a sequal. Min liked it too but not as much as me.

After the movie we went back to the apartment and moved in the television and DVD player and microwave stand. I also brought in my laptop to see if Min would be able to get a wireless connection from her apartment. I finally managed to get it to just barely work if the laptop was right up against the wall. It is a relatively annoying place to have to put the computer but I think that it might work. When Min brings her real computer down she will have a different type of wireless card and I am hoping that that kind’s antenna will provide better gain and maybe do a better job of picking up the signal. If she just got the tinyest bit better signal strength, she would be all set. So, we will figure something out. That is what I am good at.

I left Ithaca sometime after 11:00 and headed south towards DC. I realized pretty quickly that I was way too tired to be driving. I napped in a reststop somewhere in Pennsylvania but Maryland doesn’t have any reststops along the route so I was out of luck once I left the civilized north. It made for a really long trip of struggling to stay awake.

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