July 26, 2004

I know what you are thinking, “Holy cow there are updates!” – and it’s true. There are updates again. Life in the hotel inspires me to communicate with the outside world one way or another. This is about the only medium that I have at my disposal so it gets all of the attention.

After going to bed around 5:00am this morning, I wasn’t about to hop out of bed early this morning. I did get up long before expected, at least, and got straight to work. I spent most of the day working at the laptop. I was so busy in fact that I didn’t get a chance to shower until after 6:00 this afternoon. Showering whenever it is convenient is one of the perks of working out of a hotel room. I had some lunch over at McDonalds since I haven’t had a chance to put anything into the fridge yet. I need to find some of the vegetarian psghetti o’s that Min found in Ithaca. Those would be perfect now that I have a microwave. John was supposed to call this morning but never did so I didn’t have to leave all day. Not leaving makes me a million times more productive anyway. Stopping and starting and travelling all cut into the day something fierce. I actually get a couple days worth of work done when I don’t have to leave the hotel.

I had some shopping that I needed to do this evening. I hit Walmart and the grocery store to get some much needed supplies. Namely, soy milk and cereal. Now that I have a fridge the simple pleasures will not be denied me. Luckily the grocery store, Giant, that is right around the corner from me is really nice and has a good selection even though it isn’t really all that, umm, well, giant.

I headed into the office really late tonight. We have a new night manager working and I was training him tonight and setting him up with his accounts. So the best time to do that was in the middle of the night.

I went for a walk tonight at around a quarter to two in the morning. It was a beautiful night for a walk. I went for almost an hour and a half. The last twenty minutes were spent in pretty decent rain. By the time I got back to the hotel, I was soaked. But I didn’t mind. I like the rain, even when it catches me by surprise. It was warm enough that I didn’t get cold, just wet. I like walking in the rain. It is very soothing. I think that rain is very isolating. It is easy to feel alone when it is raining. As if society cannot penetrate the shield of water. Kind of like nylon in that respect.

Andy has been working on the video game tonight. I am not sure what his plans are but he got some of the networking working tonight. That is a big step forward. Andy also got his Exodus instant messenger working this evening. That is a big help. I am able to actually talk to him now while I am out of town. That should be nice for him too since he is at home all alone now with Min in Ithaca and me in DC.

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