July 25, 2004

Ok, so this is like my biggest backlog of all time. Sorry about that, really couldn’t be helped. I can’t believe how busy I have gotten recently. I am in Bowie, MD today. I got in around 5:30 this morning. Man was I exhausted. I set up the laptop and sent some quick emails before going to bed. The room that I got was flooded and smelled horrible. But I was too tired to care. I should have dealt with it right away, though, because the hotel made me get up at 11:30 so that they could get me into a better room. So, by noon I was into a matching room down the hall that was a bit dryer than the first. I have learned a new trick here as well. I now request a room in the south tower because these rooms are newer and have a refridgerator as well as a microwave in them. That should help out immensly with me staying down here so much. One of the biggest problems that we have had has been me not being able to keep food here or even order food to be delivered because I couldn’t keep the leftovers. Now I can really make use of the room. I plan to get some soy milk to put in there and some cereal soon. It will be nice not to have to leave for every little snack that I want.

It is a warm, humid, overcast, drizzly day here in Maryland. I slept at a really odd time and now it seems like it is perpetually late evening. It is really heavily overcast. No sign of the sun at all but it is so humid that going outside isn’t very nice. I am just working in the hotel room today, for the most part. My cell is dead and barely works in the hotel anyway. As always, just call the hotel to get me, that is the best thing to do. (301) 464-0089 room 132.

I spent a few hours this afternoon helping get some things working in Min’s office. Pretty much anything that lets me procrastinate from doing my homework gets me. I really don’t want to do it so I end up avoiding it if I am not really careful.

I managed to get some work done this afternoon as well as watch some DVDs while sitting at the desk that I never leave. I ordered out for some pizza from the really good place just a mile away and had it delivered. I decided that I wanted to take advantage of my refridgerator as soon as possible. I also got 2 liters of Pepsi. I would have died from caffeine withdrawl otherwise. I had about 32oz. of Barqs and two Amps during the drive to keep myself awake last night. So I need some extra boost today.

I did make it out for a short walk tonight, not very long but enough to barely qualify as a cardio workout. That is enough for me.

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