July 31, 2004

Min got up early as usual on a Saturday morning and headed south to Ithaca. I slept in a little bit and spent the day getting work done so that I can spend the next four days in Ithaca with Dominica.

Dad came over to drop off mail and other deliveries that had been going on since I had been out of town and we went out to the Omega Grill for lunch. It is dad’s only chance to see me for a week on either side so we have to take our opportunities where they are.

I left Geneseo at 3:00 and arrived in Varna just after 5:00. Min worked until 6:00 so I hung out at the office. We went out to the State Street Diner for dinner. I had shrimp, I am trying to eat some seafood again so that we can go to New England later this year, but the shrimp ended up making me a little sick. Not too bad though.

After dinner we did some grocery shopping at Wegmans. We found some new soy based live yogurt culture foods that looked really interesting. Then we headed home and watching Guarding Tess. I have never seen that movie before, it was quite surprising. I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we are going to be meeting up with John Stephens, the Surfing IT Wizard, ’cause we never get a chance to see him.

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