August 1, 2004

Happy Birthday to my niece Emily!! She is three today!

It is strange waking up in Varna again. Min and I slept in this morning until she had to get ready to go to work. I went in a few minutes after her and spent the day working in the Lifestyles office getting work done for college. I have tons of work to do, there is really no end to it. Although, I only have two classes left to take next semester and I will be done. I am sure something will go wrong because just the thought of me having graduated from college is just too weird.

I did manage to get a lot done today. After work, Min and I drove up to Cortland to meet John Stephens – the Surfing IT Wizard – at Garcia’s, the area’s most amazing Mexican restaurant. Min and I were so happy to get to go eat there because we haven’t had a chance to eat there since we moved away a year ago. We have really missed it. We were happy to discover that Garcia’s has opened two new locations, one in Elmira Heights and one in Corning. That means that there is one just an hour away from home and on the way home from Ithaca and on the way to and from Washington, DC. And one near where Eric works at Arnot-Ogden Hospital. Dinner was amazing, as expected. John had never eaten there before and thought that the place was really amazing. He plans on eating there more often now that he knows about it. He goes to Cortland all of the time but has never stopped to try that place out. After dinner we went over to Walmart because Min needs more fans in the little apartment. There is no air conditioning and it is just way too warm and humid. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to be done about the humidity.

The Surfing IT Wizard came back to hang out at the apartment for a while. He finally managed to pick up the box of Gordon’s guts that have been kicking around our house for the year or more since he bought Gordon from us. He has been waiting forever for those and just never remembered to get them whenever he was in town. That is one less box of things in the basement at least.

Min and I watched Intollerable Cruelty with Catherine Zeta Jone and George Clooney. It is the latest film from the Coen brothers who did movies like Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O’ Brother Where Art Thou? and The Hudsucker Proxy. It was pretty good. We enjoyed it.

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