August 10, 2004

I slept in a little this morning and then packed up my hotel room and checked out. After getting out of the hotel I headed on over to John’s place in Annapolis. We actually had more time to talk to each other today than we have had all weekend.

I am borrowing John’s 35th Anniversary Camaro SS to take on Min’s surprise vacation next week so I drove it up to New York this afternoon. I left my Mazda 6 down at John’s for the next two weeks. Hopefully there is nothing in it that I really need.

The drive went pretty smoothly. I put about 350 miles on the Camaro already which is a pretty drastic amount since the car only had 2450 miles when I picked it up yesterday (no I am not kidding, 2,450 miles!!)

I got home in time to Min for about an hour before she had to head off to the hotel to work.

Andy got a contract today working up in Rochester for the next month. He is very relieved to have some real work coming in.

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