August 11, 2004

Min needed to go see the doctor first thing this morning so I got out of bed and we drove out to Batavia to take care of that. That killed most of the morning. We had to run over to the hospital for a little bit to get some tests done too. So it was a very busy morning. The weather was really cold today, we couldn’t believe it. We went over to the Miss Batavia Diner for some breakfast. That was really good.

We decided that we couldn’t keep the trip next week a surprise any longer because Min needed to be more involved in the decision process. She would also need to know what to pack. So, she found out that we are going to be going up to Acadia to celebrate its 400th Anniversary in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. She is very excited. We are leaving on Thursday next and will be gone for a full week. It will be really nice to finally get a vacation alone for a little while.

Today we say a sad eulogy for the now deceased Radio Free Ithaca. RFI played for about a year running first out of Washington, DC and then out of our offices here in Geneseo. In fact, it may have been running for far more than a year. It is sad that the radio station has to be turned off, but the project just didn’t move forward as we had expected that it would.

After lunch we headed up to Rochester. I had to stop by Empire State for a minute to pick up my sunglasses that I had left there a week ago. Then we headed down to Henrietta and did some shopping. Min got some yarn and then she went shopping for some new walking shoes. She hasn’t had any really comfortable walking shoes ever so she needs to get some prior to our vacation since there will be a bit of hiking involved.

While Min was shopping I ran over to Media Play and I managed to find a video game that I have been wanting for quite some time but it has always been too expensive, Neverwinter Nights, reduced to just $10. So I grabbed that right away. I don’t know what they were thinking but good deal for me.

Andy got screwed on his contract in Rochester. Just one day on the job and they dropped the contract giving him some lame excuse. So he is bummed and that really sucks.

Min hasn’t slept all day so she laid down on the couch and the three of us watched Starsky and Hutch which Min has seen but Andy and I hadn’t yet. It was really good. Lots of good cameos and the whole thing was very funny. I never used to watch the old show so I am sure that there was a ton of stuff that was based on that that made the show even better.

Min was exhausted when she headed off to work at the hotel. I am sure that she is going to be sleeping all day tomorrow. She really needs it. After she left, I headed down to the basement to get back to work on my desktop computer that is still not working. I have put so much time into this machine it isn’t funny at all. It really pays to not have a dual boot machine when you have high performance gear like this. I am so glad that all of my files are stored on a separate server so that I don’t have to worry about them while I am doing all of this work.

I am still awake and working and the current time is 7:33 am. Min will be home in just over an hour and a half. Even if I got the computer working perfectly right this second, I would still have so much to do that I could still be busy when Min got home. I feel as though I am closing in on the problem but it is really hard to tell. I am always trying to do such complicated things with my computers. It is good experience for me, I guess, to figh through all of thes problems here so that I know all of the things that can go wrong out in the real world, but what a pain in the butt this is. I am able to get Linux running on the machine without major incident but getting Windows working as well is another story. I am starting to get so tired that I am not able to do any more work tonight (this morning.) I have been up for so long that Eric has already gotten up and gone into work for a while and talked to me from there. You know that you have been up way too long when that happens. Way too long.

I finally decided to call it a night and headed off to sleep around 11:00 am. I had just managed to get the computer working when I headed off to bed. I am so happy that the computer is working now. You have no idea what a relief it is to have this computer fully functional once more. This has taken far in excess of 72 hours of labour to get to where it is now. But now it should be pretty stable (of course, I am not sure how I will go about doing an XP reinstall without going through a lot of this again!) Ok, well, off to bed, I really need some sleep. Min has been sitting down in the basement with me for two hours doing research on things to see and do in the Canadian Maritimes.

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