August 17, 2004

I was supposed to be going out to Albany today for an interview but that was put on hold until Thursday so today I am hanging out in Ithaca for a little while. I went into the office and helped out with a few things on Min’s computer and took care of some morning communications that I needed to do. Then we went out to State St. Diner for an early lunch.

After lunch, I headed north up to Rochester to meet up with Josh to run some errands this evening. When I got up there, he was busy at work so I headed over to Brighton and picked up Eric at the office and he ran a couple of errands with me. When Josh got out of work, I ran over to Soundworks in Pittsford and met him there. We picked up the B+W 303 speakers that I have been needing to finish off the theatre system. They are the last piece in our matching B+W 3 Series puzzle. We have the whole thing now, fronts, rears, center and sub all with matching Marantz MA-500 monoblock amps. The basement isn’t quite done yet so we can’t set it all up but I am getting very anxious because we have it all now, sitting in boxes taunting me to play with it.

After stereo shopping, Josh and I went to The Mundo Grill for dinner. [Update from July 24, 2006: Dinner was excellent and the atmosphere was quite good. I have no idea why I didn’t write about our dinner at the time. Josh and I vowed to return at the Mundo Grill again. Definitely one of our better dining experiences in Rochester. One of the few Rochester restaurants that gives a bit more of the big city restaurant feel and taste. While we were dining there was a major fire at the bowling alley across the street or perhaps behind the bowling alley. The restaurant had the whole front wide open – no glass just free air – and most of the restaurant had gotten up from their seats and were standing watching the fire.]

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