August 13, 2004

It was a chore to drag by lazy butt out of bed this morning to make it out to Leisure’s for breakfast. Dad and I drove over to Lakeville in John’s Camaro. Dad really liked it. He would like to get a convertible. He has wanted a Camaro convertible since the mid to late 60’s. So it is probably about time that he got himself one.

Min and I ran up to the city this morning to get a copy of my birth certificate for the trip next week. I have never had one with a county seal on it so I need to get one anyway. The office of vital records for Monroe County is right by Strong Hospital so that was really easy to find. It cost $30 and took like five minutes to deal with. That was so easy, I couldn’t believe it. We ran over to Media Play because Min wanted her own copy of Neverwinter Nights since it was only $10. She also found the latest Broken Sword game and decided to get that since they had one copy of it for just $15 (all of the others were $40, it seems to be a trend there to do things like that.) Anyway, we had really liked the Broken Sword:Shadows of the Templars game for the GBA so we thought that we would give this one a chance. I have been skeptical of getting games from The Adventure Company as they have a tendency to look too much like Myst and Seventh Guest (which are awful games.)

We got home and Andy and I spent most of the afternoon working on Waste Watcher designs. Min and Andy spent a little time getting Broken Sword installed on her computer. Once they got that working she played it a little bit and we were really impressed. That is a really awesome game. The graphics are good and the story line is neat and the game play is really cool. It is a lot like the old Sierra and Lucas Arts adventure games but translated into 3D which no one has ever been able to do right before. But this one seems to have really done a good job and it is really neat. We were all really impressed with it. So, I am hopeful that we may have found a source of awesome new video games in the genre that we like so much but can never find anymore. Boy wouldn’t that be nice.

Eric, Amanda and Julia came over for a little while. I have Eric’s new CD burner here and he needed to pick that up and Andy and I wanted him to talk about Waste Watcher stuff a little so we talked about that.

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