August 20, 2004: In the Maritimes

Happy 19th Birthday to Joe Tocco

More driving today. Tons more driving. We were still in Maine when we crossed over midnight. We crossed the border effortlessly into New Brunswick and the Atlantic Time Zone (GMT -4:00) at 2:30 EST. From now on, all times will be AST.

Super heavy fog in New Brunswick made for some horribly slow driving all morning. I was getting very sleepy after all of this driving. We reached Nova Scotia around 10:00 am. The weather got awesome once we arrived here. Cold, foggy and drizzly. Perfect for me.

Four more hours travel time to get over to the ocean and Halifax. We arrived early in the afternoon in the maritime’s largest city. We managed to wrangle reservations at the Sheraton Four-Point right on the harbour. We checked in and then walked uptown to get some food. We stopped at a traditional pub and got some fish and chips. After eating, though, we decided that we were just too tired and we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

We slept most of the afternoon and got up in the middle of the evening. We went down to the harbour front and walked for a while. It was a beautiful night. The weather up here is really amazing. We didn’t stay up for very long, we still don’t have enough sleep to recover from the drive so we went back to bed around 1:00 am.

[Looking Back – Added September 18, 2007: Right after crossing into Nova Scotia Dominica and I stopped at the large Nova Scotia Welcome Center.  We were there for probably half an hour.  At that point we had no reservations and no real plans for what we were going to do upon arriving in Halifax.  We hadn’t been completely confident that we were going to make it to Halifax.

We spoke to the nice people who worked at the Welcome Center and one of them called the Sheraton Four-Points for us and made a reservation for us at an incredible price.  It was something like $97 Canadian funds which, at the time, was only about $75 in US funds.

The Welcome Center is my last memory in Nova Scotia before arriving at the hotel.  I was delirious with lack of sleep by this point.] 

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