August 21, 2004


We are very lucky that we were able to find a hotel that has good, fast Internet access available. That will make our stay a lot more comfortable. You don’t realize all of the things that you need to do that require you to be online until you don’t have that option. We have just set the laptop up on the desk in the room and leave it on all of the time so we really aren’t out of touch hardly at all. The cell works up here but costs a fortune. But we get email and my Jabber client is online so people can IM me if they need to do so. It also means that I will be able to update SGL while we are here. We are going to be staying in Halifax at the Four Points until Monday morning when we will be leaving to head up to northen Nova Scotia. I am trying to catch up with SGL as I have the opportunities. I fell way behind being in Ithaca and then driving up here.

Our first real vacation day. We ended up sleeping in rather late even considering that we slept so much yesterday. We didn’t get out of the hotel until around 11:00. We went down to the open market on the harbour and got ourselves some breakfast. It was good. Then we went exploring the harbour front with the stores open which was a bit more exciting than it had been last night after everyone had gone to bed.

We hopped on the ferry over to Dartmouth and went over to check out Halifax’s sister city across the bay. It was nice over there but not a whole lot going on so we didn’t stay long before heading back over to Halifax. The ferry is really cheap so it is nice. It is a good way to get to see the harbour up close.

We made sure to get down and do some souvenir shopping and we went out for Cows ice cream, my all time favourite. I haven’t been able to get Cows for about twelve years so I was really excited when I found their store here. We bought a bunch of Cows merchandise in their gift shop as well. Min was excited because she has heard me talk about Cows for years but has never been to one of the actual stores.

We purchased some tickets and did a land/water tour on the Gray Line. That took about an hour and was very enjoyable. We got to see a bit of the city and learned some more about it and where things are. The tour guide was really good and the bus/boat was piloted by Captian Kirk.

After our tour, we went to a dinner theatre that was right next door to the hotel to see the local production of “The Codfather”. It was a really silly show but we had a really good time. The food was good and the show was funny and the music was good. We got to sit with a table of 2 Ontario natives, 6 Haligonians and us as the token Americans, and from New York no less. It was a lot of fun and we had a really good time hanging out with all of the Canadians. We got to learn the local’s perspecive on living in and around Halifax.

We went out and did a little shopping after the show but headed back to be in the hotel a little before midnight. It feels weird being in a place that is ahead of the time back home. It is so seldom that that really happens to us who live on the east coast. For anyone who is interested, here is the Halifax Sheraton Four Points that we are staying at.

Okay, time to get off to bed so that we can get up early tomorrow and go touring the city in the double decker buses.

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