August 22, 2004

I hope a lot of people are reading SGL this week while we are out of town. The updates must be much more interesting than usual since we are in an exotic land and no one is able to talk to us directly very much… although I am on email and instant messenger on and off throughout the day. Today will likely be the last update, though, while we are on vacation since we will be leaving Halifax tomorrow and we don’t think that we will have much chance of finding and kind of Internet access once we are out of the main city.

It is another totally overcast day in Nova Scotia again today. We haven’t seen a hint of the sun since we crossed into Canada three days ago. It is less foggy today, but the clouds hang low and storms are threatening. Last night, there was a really high wind making it hard to walk around town.

We started the day off by going to the Maritime Museum down on Water Street. We had hoped to start the day with a nice brunch, but nothing was open yet. So we started at the museum. We did about an hour at the museum and then left to get brunch across the street at Mother Tuckers. It was a really amazing brunch. They had four rooms of food to choose from. It was really a great brunch. Min really loved it and we ate until we were really stuffed. It turned out that one of the girls from the dinner theatre last night was eating in a room right next to ours so she came over to say hi to us.

We went out on the double decker bus tour of the city after brunch. The sun had finally come out and it was by far the brightest that it has been since we have arrived here. The tour was good. We got off at The Citidel and took a tour there. That was really interesting. We got to go through a lot of the structure and I managed to take a lot of pictures. We did some shopping at the Regimental store at The Citidel and I got a key chain of my family crest.

We got back on the tour bus and rode down to the Alexander Keith brewery. We took the tour there, it was realy good. The beer wasn’t bad either. You could tell that the people giving the tour were really enjoying themselves. It made the tour a lot of fun. We also had a lot of fun because we were getting to know other people who were taking different tours around the city. Apparently there aren’t really all that many tourist here because we were beginning to recognize quite a few people. Everyone is really friendly here and it is easy to strike up conversations with people.

After the brewery we returned to the Maritime Museum and did about another hour there. It was good but nothing to blow your socks off. Lots of stuff about the Titanic… blah blah blah. I am pretty tired of hearing never ending stuff about the Titanic. It has been beaten to death.

After the museum we headed across the street to McKelvie’s. We had a good dinner there (a bunch more tourist that we recognized ate there too.) Then we went over to Cow’s for some ice cream and for Min to do a little shopping. She got t-shirts and a fleece.

We were pretty tired after eating and shopping and touring all day so we went back over to the hotel. We were looking for something relaxing to do so I am updating the site and Min turned on Star Trek Enterprise. Neither of us have ever seen this show before so we were interested.

We are planning on going up to Cape Breton Island early in the morning so we need to get some relaxation in tonight. We are thinking about heading back a little early on Tuesday and crashing in Montreal on the way home since it is right on the northern route and we will have to go right by anyway. Since neither of us have ever seen Montreal, we thought that it would be nice to at least be there for one night. Plus it lets us get some sleep in during the drive. We won’t have Internet access on Nova Scotia after today. We might get lucky and get access in Montreal, but we won’t know until we get there.

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