August 3, 2004

I am heading back to Geneseo today. I haven’t had any real time to be there at all in weeks. It is really strange having a house that you own and never, ever being there. I am in the house less than I have been at any apartment that I have ever had. That is really weird.

Andy found a really cool web site a few weeks ago that I forgot to post here. After we discovered how weird this site was, it turned out that my old high school has been watching these videos for a while. Anyway, you have to check out this site. Muffin Films. This is one of the craziest sites that you will ever go to.

I spent the afternoon in Rochester. Eric and I had lunch at Brueggers. I went over to the hospital and helped Eric get his new computer at the office installed with Linux.

Min has gotten hooked on playing AGD Interactive’s King’s Quest II. If you are into adventure games, you need to check it out. AGD does a really amazing job of recreating old Sierra adventure games.

Min cooked a healthy dinner tonight and we ate at home for a change. It has been a long time since we actually ate at home.

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