August 2, 2004

Well, no way to update the site again. I am still in Ithaca but Lifestyles is having major problems with their network and I am not able to connect to get the updates posted. I am afraid that the problem might be my laptop but I don’t really know. I don’t have enough tools with me down here to be able to figure anything out for sure.

So I spent the bulk of the day working on the networking issues in Ithaca. I had to get some paperwork done so I had to work on that as well. It was a very busy day.

There was so much that I needed to do at the office today that Min and I just ran down to State Street for a quick bite and then came back to the Lifestyles office and worked until it was bedtime. We were awfully tired by the time we got to bed. At least everything was working when we finally decided to turn in for the night.

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