September 17, 2004

Today was another crazy day for me running all over the place. I got up this morning and drove out to Buffalo to work for T-Mobile. Then I had to drive to Rochester to do some work up at Greece-Ridge Mall for them. This was my third trip to that store location. I was able to determine that their equipment there was faulty and we came up with a game plan to get that all taken care of but it will have to wait until Tuesday when I am back from Tampa. Then I had to run to the Marketplace and Pittsford Plaza locations that I was at yesterday to pick up a part that I had accidetally left at each of them. Andy met me up at Pittsford Plaza to take me up to my car deal, Vincent Mazda, to drop off my Mazda 6. I need to have a recall taken care of as well as an oil change and to have the hood repaired after having that incident with that chunk of scrap metal. We dropped off the car and Andy decided to come with me to do some work out in Syracuse on Erie Boulevard since there wasn’t any way for me to get him back to Geneseo and still make it out to Syracuse before the store was going to close. So we drove out there as quickly as possible. We tried to call the store ahead of time to let them know that we were on our way but they turned their phones over to night service early so that they weren’t hearing us at all. We got there about eight minutes after they had closed but two of the sales reps were still there closing the place up. It took a while to finally convince them that they needed to let us in. They were very adamant about not letting us in. But Andy finally convinced them that it was in their interest to have us do the work then (I am sure their manager would not have been happy if they would have found out the next day that we hadn’t been able to do our work and had to charge double because they had turned off the phones early.) The work went smoothly and we were out of there in about twenty minutes. They were still closing when we left so we had very little impact on them at all.

After work in Syracuse, Andy and I had to run down to Ovid to meet Nate with Min’s dress for the wedding that we are going to tomorrow. We were really pressed for time because we had Min’s car and Min needed to get to work with it and we had a lot of driving to do yet. It was pretty late by the time we got to Ovid. We made the pickup and headed out as quickly as possible to get Min’s car to her. We managed to get home in time for Min to only be 10-15 minutes late to work. There was a lot of rain from the hurricane and that didn’t make things any easier.

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