September 16, 2004

Today I am working a contract for T-Mobile / Deutche Telecom. I am working in Rochester today and Buffalo and Syracuse tomorrow. It isn’t much of a contract but I have done work for them before and they are always nice and low maintenance so I am happy to do the work.

The work ended up an all day project. Eric went with me to the first location up in Greece which made the time pass a little bit faster since I am just hanging out in back rooms installing new switches. The work is good and easy. Then I ran over to Pittsford and worked for a little while and then it was on to Marketplace. After hitting all of the Rochster sites, I had to run back up to Greece to fix something that didn’t get fixed previously. Min came up to meet me after I was done working and we got dinner up in Greece. Then she did some dress shopping and I went over to Barnes and Nobles. I wasn’t able to get the work done in Greece so I will have to return tomorrow.

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