September 20, 2004

Ok, the SGL updates have adopted a tradition of burst updates, about evey 10-14 days I do a batch and upload them for everyone. With my massively varrying schedule of late, there isn’t much that I can do about that. I am only managing to update today due to a massive layover in Atlanta combined with serendipity that allowed my the one space in the entire waiting area with a power outlet. So the Lord is watching over us and providing the update today.

Dominica and I are on our way from Tampa to Rochester. We got up at 6:30 this morning so that we could get to the airport on time (hurry up and wait.) We had breakfast at the hotel and checked out by 8:45. We didn’t get to have any cereal this morning since the milk had gone bad yesterday (at least they finally figured that out and didn’t try to put it out again.)

We got to Tampa Int’l without a problem, thirteen minutes from the hotel, not bad at all. We got checked in and right onto the plane. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The flight was smooth and relatively uneventful. I was half asleep the whole time. The only real problem was that the air conditioning was not working properly and the plane was unbearably hot. Min was feeling really sick not being able to get any air onto her. My ears had a really hard time adjusting to the descent. I always have a really hard time with my ears but this was a lot worse than usual.

Min and I landed in Atlanta right on schedule around 11:00 and got the chance to enjoy a four hour layover in Georgia. Any longer and we would have considered leaving the airport. We are flying out of here at 3:20 and should be back in Roch-cha-cha around 5:30. Andy is getting us from the airport.

While I am writing the udpates, Min is trying to nap in the terminal waiting area. We had lunch as soon as we got here in the hopes that it would help my ears but no luck there. She is getting some sleep though, but I am sure that she is going to be really soar after trying to sleep on the chairs for so long. She needs the rest because she is working at the Fairfield tonight and won’t have any chance to sleep before then really.

There are two obviously drug addicted teenage hippies across from me at the airport. They look nasty, malnurited and deep sunken eyes. They have been eating constantly since they got here about 45 minutes ago. And not just eating but plowing through more food each than I eat in an entire day or more. It is really gross. And the girl is chewing with her mouth as wide as could be. I am not sure she even knows that she is in an airport.

I am hoping to have a chance to post the updates today. I am expecting to have a chance when I get home. Things are so busy that it is hard to know if I will be able to. Okay, the schedule for this week is as follows: Monday – Min and I fly in from Tampa and Min has to work overnight in Rochester; Tuesday – I am on the road to Buffalo and Rochester doing more work for T-Mobile and Min has to work at the hotel again; Wednesday – Friday – I will be in Geneseo trying desperately to catch up on homework that really needs to be completed and Min should be home most of those days since she is only working a single job as of this week; Saturday – Sunday – Min’s parents are coming down from Frankfort to visit and help get the cinema in the basement completed.

Min and I arrived just after five and Andy came to the airport to pick us up. The flight went fine until we arrived and tried to pick up our luggage and Min’s expensive suitcase was missing. My garment bag arrived so it is kind of weird that they only lost one of the luggage pieces. Min is really upset because she really likes that luggage and it is very expensive and she can’t get it anymore and it is a part of a matched set. So it will really suck if she doesn’t get it back.

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