September 21, 2004

Well, I finally managed to post yesterday, yay! Boy did that need to be done. I did some investigation and discovered that the reason that the buttons haven’t been showing up for the past week is because I am an idiot and actually deleted the buttons from the web site. What an idiot I am. So there are new buttons over there now. Maybe I will try some more soon. We are probably getting close to needing a new look update for the site. But I have been awfully busy so that is probably out of the question for the time being. But I will be keeping the idea in the back of my mind, along with other cool ideas like keeping the site up to date.

More work for T-Mobile today. Hey, it is nice to be busy. I decided not to head out until Min had gotten up so that she could come with me. I am mostly just driving, very little time will be spent actually working.

AirTran found Min’s luggage by 7:30 this morning and they stopped by and dropped it off early this afternoon. Min was very relieved to have her luggage back. Her matching Vera Bradley luggage.

I spent the morning doing online certifications from Brainbench. I did some last night and I was pretty close to wrapping up a couple of big job role certifications so I got those done. I now have 101 IT industry certs and 9 non-IT certs. My resume is getting pretty long.

I took the film from the wedding out to Wegmans to get it developed. Two of the rolls were regular print film and two were slides. The slides are the longer 36 rolls and will take a week before we get them back but I had the prints done in an hour so that we could see how they looked. We got quite a few decent pictures in there, I will try to get some up on here when I get a chance. The first roll, though, had apparently been in the camera for some time. It shows how long it has been since I used my Nikon. There were pictures on that roll from early 2000 including pics of Eric and Amanda on the day that they met at our “Empty Apartment” party on February 20, 2000 and Andy holding a pan of corn dogs in the kitchen of our apartment in Pittsburgh in March, 2000. Then the pics jump right to Min and I at the Genesee Country Museum last summer. I guess I need to take pictures more often.

I had to do some errands this evening and so Min decided to ride with me out to Buffalo while I worked. Luckily my work didn’t take long so she wasn’t too bored. There was a Media Play right next door to the T-Mobile where I was working so she did some shopping in there. She picked up Mean Girls and actually managed to get a lower price than what Walmart or Target was offering on it, good deal. We were in Buffalo for only about 45 minutes and then headed over to Greece for me to wrap up the work that I was doing.

Min had to work tonight over at the Fairfield but Andy and I decided to go up the city and do some shopping. So she took off for work and we headed up to Walmart to find Star Wars. Andy had to go with me because me car is still in the shop getting its hood repaired. We made it to the Walmart in Henrietta (Marketplace) just minutes before they closed and were lucky enough to find that they still had some copies of Star Wars and they had them for just $41. So we grabbed a copy.

Andy and I ran over to Tim Hortons across the street from where Min works and picked up some coffee for her (the hotel serves Paul De Lima coffee, the most disgusting coffee in the world – some of you might remember it from my days at the Days Inn Thruway years ago) so we thought that she would appreciate something decent. We also got some donuts for her, but they had run out of the really good toffee glazed donuts that we really wanted. Dominica was awfully happy that we had stopped by and brought her goodies and her supervisor was hanging out too so we got to meet her.

Andy and I came home and watched A New Hope, boy does that look awesome. The picture is the best that I ever remember seeing it, including in the theatre. They really did a good job on this DVD. Of course, it is modified slightly from the previous Special Edition that I have on Laserdisc. But only slightly, little things here and there. It is definitely an improvement, there were some really crappy things added to the Special Edition and Lucas wisely took some of them back out or changed them again.

Today is the big day, the original Star Wars Trilogy releases today on DVD. I am sure that Bob picked it up somewhere at midnight. Mean Girls released today as well. It is a big movie release day. It doesn’t seem very smart to release a DVD on the same day that Star Wars releases.

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