September 25, 2004

Today is my cousin Jeremy Richardson’s fifteenth birthday, so Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Today Dominica and I got up nice and early and got to doing some final house cleaning. Her parents are coming out around noon or so and this is the first time that they have been to the house since last November so we wanted to make sure that the house was in order. We spent about three hours doing some hard cleaning before they arrived.

Her parents got in around noonish and brought tomato pie, half moons and jelly donuts. We didn’t have much time to socialize, though, because there was lots of work to be done in the basement and that is why they are here. So Min’s dad headed on down to begin working on the drywall. Min had gotten her mom a gift certificate to Knit-n-Purl in Brighton and so they went up there to go spend it. So they were gone for the afternoon. I had tons of work to do so I spent most of the time in the bedroom on the computer.

Min and her mom were gone for most of the afternoon and got back around the same time that my dad came over to visit. Dad stayed for an hour or two but didn’t want to go to dinner with us so he took off just before we headed out to find some food. Dad hasn’t had a chance to see Min’s family since November either. It has been a rough year.

Min’s parents have never been to Tom Wahls, even with all the years that Min went to college out here, and they love that kind of place, so we drove up to Avon to get some fifties drive in food. We had been hoping to be able to go to the Silver Lake Drive In in Perry but they were playing totally crap movies tonight so we couldn’t bring ourselves to sit through anything that they were going to be showing. Dinner was good. We didn’t do anything exciting afterwards, just drove on home.

We stayed up for a while visiting but everyone was tired so we got to bed early. There is no television or anything in the house right now because we took the projector down for cleaning and we aren’t planning on setting it back up again until we have the theatre room completed. That means that we are without any real means of video watching for some time now. But it is major encouragement to get to work on the theatre.

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